Investor ratios and why they matter

“One important thing to be on the watch for when looking at condominiums is something called the investor ratio. The investor ratio is the ratio of owner occupied unit vs rented out units (also called investor units.) If this ratio is too high (typically above 50%), you will not be able to qualify for a […]

Using the condo docs to cancel purchase in Virginia?

In Virginia, a purchaser of a home in a condominium (or a homeowner association) has a right to review certain documents pertaining to the home. A purchaser also has a right to cancel the contract within a given time frame if those documents are not satisfactory to them. The disclosure package typically includes the rules […]

Get A Backyard for Your Condo!

If you like condo living but miss growing your own vegetables, there is a tried and true solution for you!  While it may seem like something from the 40′s and their “Victory Gardens”, the idea of community gardening is still strong in Fairfax County!  There are more than 650 garden plots available in nine different locations. […]

What Condos in Fairfax County Are FHA Approved?

FHA financing is a popular type of financing in Fairfax County these days. From being unable to compete with the 0% down loans back in 2005 and 2006, they are now a part of over 20% of the purchases in the area. The 3.5% down payment required is very competitive with the 10% minimum required from most […]