Time the Real Estate Market!

When is the best time to purchase a home” and ”when is the best time to sell a home” are  questions we get all the time here at Soldsense. Homes are in short supply in this area with stable prices and few foreclosures and short-sales. With all the development in the area and resulting jobs, more and more want to live close to where they work. Also, schools in the area are sought after creating great demand for townhomes and single family homes.  As a result, it takes time to find a suitable homes for clients in the Tysons Corner area.

So, if you have a choice – when would be the best time to sell your home? And when would be the best time to purchase a home?

Chart showing number of real estate listings coming on the market in Tysons Corner

The chart shows the average number of new listings coming on the market in any given month in the 22102 and 22182 zipcodes.

I generally counsel my clients to avoid trying to time the market. Instead I tell them to buy or sell when they have their finances and their plan in order. That being said, many try to use the seasonal market trends to their benefit. Here are some thoughts using the statistics in the graphs.

As a seller, to avoid the March-April rush try listing in January or February. That way you may take advantage of (…)

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